By Xolisile Dlou

Although South African women are less likely than men to smoke, they frequently smoke more cigarettes per day than men, according to a 2013 Health-E News report. Dr. Catherine Egbe felt it was important to discuss eight recent GATS-SA statistics on women and smoking during the hybrid webinar because it is women’s month. These facts are as follows.

  • Less women smoke tobacco than men
  • The average age of smoking initiation for women is about 1 year later than men
  • More women use smokeless tobacco products than men (F=7.2% VS M=1.1%)
  • 7% of women use e-cigarettes
  • While more men smoke cigarettes, more women are addicted to nicotine using the TTFC criterion (F=37.4% VS M=32.5%)
  • Among women who use tobacco or nicotine products, more women use SLT only (F=35 VS M=1%), and more women are dual users of smoked and SLT (F=4.5% VS M=1.4%)
  • More women who are smokers tried to give up within the last one month during the survey (F=22.4% VS M=6.7%)
  • More female smokers have successfully quit than men (F=15.4% VS M=9.2%)