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In a developing country such as South Africa, different forms of smoking amongst young people are most likely to increase tremendously. The World Health Organization reported that every year, there are 8 Million Tobacco related deaths in the world. As the tobacco industry focuses its marketing efforts to entice young people of a ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’ lifestyle, the romanticising of smoking will only leave a bitter taste for future societies to come. In its fight to sell cigarettes, the Tobacco industry often manages to convince policy makers that taxation and other measures to reduce demand would reduce tax revenues, cause massive and sudden unemployment, and increase smuggling. Our forum fights against the South African trends in smoking and the impact of Tobacco on Health, Economic analysis of Tobacco use and the effectiveness of policies to reduce demand and supply.

Vision 2030

  • Imagine A World Where Young People Condemn Any Form Of Smoking In Social Circles.
  • Imagine A World Where Educational Institutions Are Smoke-Free Zones.
  • Imagine A World Where Young People Confidently Turn Down A ‘Skyf’

The South African Tobacco-Free Youth Forum (SATFYF)

We Are The Youth Voices Championing & Fighting Against The Harsh And Dangerous Realities Of Tobacco, As Well As Substance & Drug Abuse Amongst Young People.

We Educate, Inform & Influence Change Through:

Innovative Think Sessions On Tobacco-Control

Social Media Conversations

Media Advocacy Events

Public Demonstrations

Community Imbizo’s

Help Achieve A Culture Where All Young People Reject Smoking & Nicotine

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